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A Humble Beginning

“If you grew up in the Pacific Northwest then you know that Skippers Seafood has been an iconic staple in this community for years. As a young kid I was always intrigued by the huge tilted anchor out front of each restaurant. As I got older I had the privilege of working at the Skippers in Port Orchard, WA. It was here where I found the love for seafood and the love for interacting with customers on a daily basis. I was later promoted as the assistant manager at the West Gate Skippers in Tacoma.

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From there I worked my way up to a management position and had the wonderful opportunity to Manage my own store, The Downtown Puyallup Skippers. After years of operating this great establishment as a manager, the opportunity to purchase and take on full ownership of the Puyallup store presented itself. I hopped on board! And on April 1st of 2019, I finally became owner of Skippers Puyallup and it’s all been a wonderful and exciting experience ever since.”

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